About Us
Clipso Hair Works offers you highly qualified stylists, each with their own individual style and expertize.
We specialize in creative colouring and perming techniques, as well as razor cutting, advanced scissor cutting and creative styling.
We offer bridal packages, evening styles to suite every fashion and mood; Free advice and ideas for any function.
Education in heathy hair care is part of any hair service. Again, our advice is FREE! We offer a wide variety of after care and home care products to suite every hair demand and any budget.
We offer a wide range of products for everybody's every need. Schwarzkopf Professional, only available in registered salons, is of German origin and consists of colour, perms, in - salon treatments, scalp treatments and home care products. Kerastase is a hair care product originally from Paris, France. It offers home care and in - salon treatments and are rated as one with the best in the world today. KMS, originally from America, is a completely natural range of home care, in - salon treats and styling aids.
Anasazi inherited its name from an ancient tribe in America who only believed in natural remedies. Being also totally natural, the product works like aromatherapy for hair. It includes a full home care rang, in - salon treatments and styling aids. We can also offer you locally manufactured products. Biosense is another completely natural product, which offers shampoos, conditioners, treatments and styling aids. Phyto Blue is another excellent home care range with treatments and styling aids at a very affordable price. Ladine is a home care and in - salon range specially formulated for ethnic, very coarse and dry and damaged hair. The range includes a variety of relaxers for different curly hair types.
Our Salon offer full training to apprentices and new faces are always welcome. Our qualified staff receive regular motivation and intensive training to keep up to date with new styles and modern technology.
We hope you enjoy the journey through our salon and that you feel right at home. New ideas and comments are always welcome.

How We See Ourselves
We are a team of professional creative artists who strive towards
Service excellence.
Our team specialises in all aspects of
Hair and beauty
We are confident of creating and maintaining your image!

How We See Our Clients.....
Our customers are people whose lives we are able to make happier and easier.
They are a reflection of our abilities,
They are our livelyhood,
They are the reason for learning as much as we can about our industry.
Our customers are individuals, with needs and emotions unique to them.
They are our self-confidence,
They are means by which we can attend the national life conference,
They are fair game for our opposition.
Our customers are people worthy of a smile.
They are people for whom we care,
They are people who need us,
They are people whom we need.


Our customers are everything to us...

What does customer service mean to us?
Serving the needs of each customer with utmost care and attention, Promptly and efficiently.

Customer service can be two things:
Good or Bad - Moment of Magic or  Misery...

Service excellence can only be one thing:

By "adding value" to our product and services we differentiate our salon from all the other hairdressing salons in the same field.

Our only added value is our service, we are a service industry. Excellent Service is ENJOYING providing a good service. It is going the extra mile for the customer BEFORE he asks you to. It is giving people a bit more than what they expect!!!

About enthusiasm...
"The real secret of success is enthusiasm Yes - more than enthusiasm I would say excitement I like to see men get excited.
When they get excited they make a success of their lives.
You can do anything if you have enthusiasm.
Enthusiasm is the yeast that makes your hopes rise to the stars.
Enthusiasm is the sparkle in your eyes.
It is the swing in your gait.
The grip of your hand.
The irresistable surge of your will and your energy to execute your ideas.
Enthusiasts are fighters.
They have fortitude, they have staying qualities.
Enthusiasm is at the bottem of all progress.
With it there is accomplishment,
Without it there are only alibis."
                                                                Walter Chrysler
------------------------------Created by Boelie's Voetspore------------------------------